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Stadium lights are very high intensity artificial lights. They lighten the stadium whenever there is an outdoor match no matter whichever game it may be. As India is very fond of cricket matches so it is often seen that the stadium lights helps a lot in the night matches. They illuminate the whole stadium and make the match easy both for the spectators and the players. There are so many kinds of stadium lights as sodium vapour lamps, metal-halide lamp, LED stadium lights etc. Sodium vapour lamps costs a lot. They use a lot of power. When it comes to metal halide lamps they are better than sodium vapor lamps but have the same issue as that of sodium vapor lamps.

Very high intensity stadium lights sometimes become very irritating for the players in the night. They focus directly on their eyes and prohibit their play. LED stadium lights are best in this case. As it is very well known to us that LED lights use very less power and are eco-friendly too, therefore they serve as best for the stadium lights. The LED lights have longer lifespan.

One of the major importances of LED stadium lights is that they affect the quality of a TV broadcast. They help in removing the distraction caused by flashing while watching slow motion clips.  More than the spectators in the stadium there are the spectators sitting at their homes. Nowadays in almost all the games like lawn tennis, cricket, football, volleyball etc. LED lights are used. Not only the outdoors games use LED lights but the indoor games too use this. Table tennis is played indoors and its stadium uses LED lights.  Football stadiums have been using LED lights for a long time.

The game of football is the most watched game in the world. It has a huge fan following. Therefore when it comes to the lights of the football stadium then LED lights are the best. Earlier it was very hard by the officials of the football to accept this light but now all the football stadium lights are LED lights. They are according to the comfort of the players and provide a perfect illumination to the pitch. They do not hinder the performance of the players.

The famous competition of football that is UEFA strictly mentions in their guidelines to use LED lights as the football stadium lights. They are set in such a way that they don’t affect the eyes of either the spectators or the players. They are set at the four corners of the stadium. With this we can imagine the intensity of these lights that just by placing at the four corners they can illuminate the whole stadium.

Games are the most loved leisure time for some people but for some it’s their life especially when it comes to football. When the lights are not proper then it can affect their games. Therefore to help this out LED lights are best to be used.


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