The Unbelievable Facts about Stadium Flood Lights!!

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Floodlights are the high-intensity lights which are broadly transmitted and often illuminate outdoor fields. There are various lights for different themes, concerts, and the plays. There are many requirements of floodlights in the stadium where there are sports of top tiers. Some professional games like football, cricket, volleyball; Rugby, etc. require floodlights at the field. There are some stadiums which do not have permanent floodlights. So, at the time of the game temporary floodlights are accommodated with the stadium.             Stadium Flood Lights are available in various types, you can choose one as per your budget and needs.

Types of Floodlights:

There are basically three types of floodlights. They are usually named as a metal-halide lamp, sodium vapor lamps, and LED.

The common floodlight is metal halide light. This metal halide light emits a white bright light which has typically 75-100 lumens/watt.

The sodium vapor lamps usually utilized for sports and events. These lamps have high lumen watt ratio which is 80-140 lumens/watt. It is the most profitable choice when a certain amount of levels has to be provided.

LED flood lights are the brightest lights that are utilized for the illumination purpose. These lights are used among larger sports fields. These LED’s use power consumption which is low and these bulbs last a long time.

History of Various sports using Floodlights:

The first game which adopted the use of Floodlight was Polo. It all started in the year 1878.

Australian football was organized on the cricket grounds of Melbourne.

Cricket was played using the floodlights in the year 1952.

Association football used the floodlights in the stadium in the year 1878.

Rugby league used the floodlights in the year 1932. It first used in the city of London.

Floodlights are also used in the smaller area of the clubs. They are not substantial and are suitable for the training purpose and are not worth playing a game in these floodlights.

Some information about the floodlights:

Lights give a better visualization in the stadium and in between the audiences also. Therefore LED floodlights develops and strives the stadium with it’s maximize effects of brightness and are usually appropriate for the bigger stadiums and games.

Usually, 400 W light fixtures and 1000 W light fixtures are used in the stadium for the effective brightness.

400 W light fixture is used for the games like Football, Basketball and Cricket fields.

Similarly, 1000 W light fixture is used the Indoor and Outdoor stadiums.

Lightning is important and crucial for the sportsperson, games and the audiences. Similarly, it is important for the cameraman and the photographers.

The stadiums must be compatible with the high speed and HD quality camera which must be range from 50 to 60 Hz. It must also have 5000fps. These floodlights have a lifespan of nearly 90,000 hours and the rating should be of IP66.

Advantages of using a Floodlight:

Floodlights are usually long-lasting, durable and have a longer lifespan.

There is no need for replacement and the consumption of electricity is less.

There are a low maintenance and replacement cost. It produces bright white light which is visible and retrievable.

Floodlights are unaltered by the weather and Temperature changes.


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